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What about creativity?


In all the years of working in the worlds of advertising, charity and media, I never wondered how it worked.
I often received the question: “But Charles, how do you come up with those ideas?” I simply answered:    

‘Nothing to it. You get a briefing, you start thinking with your colleagues and… it just appears.”

I simply couldn’t explain how it happened and how worked.


As a creative director, I unconsciously learned to live up to my title by guiding people to a higher level with creativity as the ultimate fuel.

It became a different story when I was asked to raise the creative level of a non-creative company.

I started in good spirits, but soon enough I ran into an army of marketing people and their captains.

I had to adjust and become more businesslike, more tactical, subtle, flexible and even more playful or die.

I always: Battled my choices.

It was advised to: choose your battles wisely.


How do you fight for creativity and how do you
develop it. Can you learn it?

Yes you can and yes I am now able to explain.

Being creative is easier then you may think. You are most likely very creative already.

You probably don’t use it consciously yet.

It starts by understanding what it is in relation to you.


Explore, surprise yourself, become more open and know: there is not one way of being creative.
There is always your way.


Join me on a journey of discovery.

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Charles Hale

Ambassador of Creativity

Quite a few books have been written on how to be more creative. Many techniques and methods have been developed that really work. Some easier than others. But there's something underneath it all that the books don't talk about. 
It starts with understanding what it is and what affects they may have. Creativity often becomes so locked that you can't do anything to unlock it because you haven't learnt how.


'Unlock your creativity' shakes your thinking loose.
If you are loose and open, anything can happen.
Not only just in relation to your creativity.

Reserve your copy today.

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